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We are just under 2 weeks until OCW returns to Wayne County for The Wayne County Wrestlefest with Special Guest, former WWE, ECW, TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Star and Ohio native, Al Snow will be joining your favorite OCW Stars in Dalton, OH for another great night of professional wrestling action. We hope we can get a comment from Al Snow himself as to what he's coming to OCW for exactly.

​Also on the card you will see OCW Heavyweight Champion "Dark Star" Matt Taylor, OCW Ohio Heritage Champion "No Shame" Jimmy Shane, OCW Women's Champion Laura Loveless, as well as the NEW OCW Tag Team Champions The Starr Flyers.

​After The Wayne County Wrestlefest event, we are headed to Jerry's Café (226 West Market Street, Orrville, OH) for our official afterparty. We, at the OCW web site, have visited Jerry's Café and we can attest their food is amazing, their staff is very friendly, and the overall atmosphere perfect for and OCW Afterparty. Visit Jerry's online at www.JerrysInOrrville.com.

​It all goes down on Saturday Night, September 30th at the Midwest Community Center, 100 Kurzen Road North in Dalton, OH.

​Tickets are available at the Midwest Community Center, Jerry's Café, as well as right here at www.OCWrestling.net 
<![CDATA[Official results From The Guernsey County Fair - September 16, 2017]]>Sun, 17 Sep 2017 23:52:09 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/official-results-from-the-guernsey-county-fair-september-16-2017- Chuck "The Truck" Morris def. "Agent Orange" Juice Jennings

- "No Shame" Jimmy Shane def. Grant Andrews and Gino DeCapo in a triple threat match to retain the Ohio Heritage Championship.

- Laura Loveless successfully defended the OCW Women's Championship against SpineBuster University student, Natalie.

​- The Starr Flyers def. The Dirty for the OCW Tag Team Championships.

- "Darkstar" Matt Taylor def. "Electric" Jake Ely to retain the OCW Heavyweight Championship.  Juice Jennings ran in from the crowd to attack Taylor and was joined by Grant Andrews and Gino DeCapo. Jimmy Shane and Chuck Morris evened the odds and a 6-man tag bonus match challenge was issued!

- Matt Taylor, Jimmy Shane, Chuck Morris def. Juice Jennings, Gino DeCapo, Grant Andrews

***We now look forward to our next live event, "Wayne County Wrestlefest" featuring former WWE Superstar, Al Snow!!! Mark your calendar for Saturday September 30th at the Midwest Community Center in Dalton, OH***]]>
<![CDATA[OCW Winds Down Summer '17 Tour with 2 Big Shows!!!]]>Sun, 10 Sep 2017 18:12:37 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/ocw-winds-down-summer-17-tour]]><![CDATA[Juice Jennings Has Had It With Matt Fantone!!]]>Tue, 29 Aug 2017 20:54:00 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/juice-jennings-has-had-it-with-matt-fantone
<![CDATA[OCW Invades Downtown Canton - Buzzbin Art and Music Shop]]>Wed, 23 Aug 2017 19:44:43 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/ocw-invades-downtown-canton-buzzbin-art-and-music-shop

​** Alcohol will be served at this event, as it is a bar/concert venue, please be responsible. **
OCW returns to Canton, OH this Saturday night, this time we invade Downtown Canton for a special event at Buzzbin Art and Music Shop.

​Expect 3 big title matches including a first title defense by Zoey Skye, the New OCW Women's Champion as she takes on Laura Loveless in a Tournament Finals rematch.

​Backstage tension hits center stage as OCW Champion plans to humble OCW newcomer Grand Andrews. Andrews has been doing his best getting under the skin of certain OCW stars. As a lockerroom leader, Taylor plans to teach some respect to the rookie, but could it come at the expense of his championship?

​Speaking of tension, "Agent Orange" Juice Jennings has called out Rock 106.9's Matt Fantone from the Stansbury Show​ for Fantone's role in restarting the OCW Title match at Clockwork Orange. Juice says he just wants to talk to Fantone, but can Juice be trusted?

​Also see "No Shame" Jimmy Shane, Chuck "The Truck" Morris, JaXon Argos, Robby "Super" Starr, "Electric" Jake Ely and much more.

​Presale Tickets can be purchased online at Buzzbinshop.com or you can purchse tickets at the door the night of the event.

*** Fans under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. ***
<![CDATA[Women's Tournament Competitors Sound off on this weekend's Matches]]>Wed, 23 Aug 2017 19:31:30 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/womens-tournament-competitors-sound-off-on-this-weekends-matches
<![CDATA[OCW Women's Championship.... Reborn.]]>Wed, 16 Aug 2017 01:21:10 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/ocw-womens-championship-reborn5456225
It has been 5 long years since OCW had a Women's Champion. The first champion was Impact Wrestling's Madison Rayne before she was Madison Rayne. The last champion, "The Death Rey" Sara Del Rey, is currently a trainer at the WWE Peformance Center in Orlando, Florida.

​Well on Saturday Night, August 26th, 1 of the 8 young ladies have the opportunity to place her name next to the previous champions. When you look at the competitors they all have a different look, they all have a different style, and even experience levels. Their diversity is what we sought out for this tournament. We wanted women that everyone could relate to or even idolize  in one way or another.

​One fact remains there is one thing that all 8 women share... and that is they want to walk away as the New OCW Women's Champion and build herself an empire. A new queen will be crowned on Saturday, August 2th at the OCW Arena! 
<![CDATA[Official results from "Clockwork Orange," Saturday August 12, 2017 at the OCW Arena in Akron...]]>Tue, 15 Aug 2017 04:22:26 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/official-results-from-clockwork-orange-saturday-august-12-2017-at-the-ocw-arena-in-akron- Peak of Perfection def. The Starr Flyers to win their Trial By Combat when Brandon Edwards caused a distraction allowing P.O.P. to score the upset win

- "The Black Superman" Onyx def. Grant Andrews

- 1/2 of the OCW Tag Team Champions "Bulletproof" Brandon Edwards def. Crosshairs Kelly
*Following the match, "Flyin" Ryan Burke caught Edwards with a big crossbody off the top to pay him back for his previous interference. It appears the issues between The Dirty and The Starr Flyers are far from over!

-"Electric" Jake Ely def. "The Italian Icon" Gino DeCapo

- The Ohio Heritage Championship match between "No Shame" Jimmy Shane and JaXon Argos was ruled a "No Contest." Tempers boiled over and a ringside brawl erupted that ended with Argos laying out Shane with the American flag

- "Unchained" Brandon Day def. Chuck "The Truck" Morris

- "Darkstar" Matt Taylor def. "Agent Orange" Juice Jennings in a controversial ending to retain the OCW Heavyweight Championship. Jennings appeared to have won the match, and the title, after a chair shot to Taylor while the referee was down. Matt Fantone came to ringside and ordered that the match be restarted. Taylor scored the pinfall shortly after. Jennings has taken to social media and is proclaiming himself to be "The Real OCW Champion."]]>
<![CDATA[August 07th, 2017]]>Mon, 07 Aug 2017 06:10:30 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/august-07th-2017
This Thursday, August 10th, OCW teams up with the Akron Rubberducks to bring MIDGET WRESTLING to Canal Park in Downtown Akron, OH. This is a Thirsty Thursday promotion with $1 sodas and beers, as well as Fireworks (set to songs performed by U2). Don't miss this opportunity to catch all of this action and even get to hang out with some of our own OCW wrestlers during the game.
<![CDATA[Clockwork Orange Nears.... This Saturday Night - OCW ARENA!!!]]>Mon, 07 Aug 2017 04:48:50 GMThttp://ocwrestling.net/news/clockwork-orange-nears-this-saturday-night-ocw-arena]]>