That's right! The announcement was made today on the OCW Facebook page that the ECW Original, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas will be making his way to TRADITION 12 in Coshocton, OH at the Hopewell School! What business does Mr. Douglas have with OCW, I guess we will be finding out in the weeks to come!

Here we are with the second installment of the all new OCW Spotlight. A new in depth look at the OCW roster. Each month we will focus on one member of the OCW roster and get a quick look into their mind, as well as a visual interpretation of who they are as a performer. And in today's Spotlight join us as we take a look at Matt Taylor! Over the past few years we have watched Matt Taylor evolve from a tag team competitor in the Noble Bloods as “Lord” Matthew Taylor and grow into singles competition. Since breaking out on his own, “Darkstar” Matt Taylor proved that with his athleticism and competitive drive that he is one of the most spectacular wrestlers in OCW history. We reached out to the former Ohio Heritage and two time OCW Tag Team Champion to ask him a few questions. 
What has been your favorite match in OCW so far?
MT: By far my favorite match so far was the Noble Bloods vs the Heat Seekers in Newark. The crowd was insane that night and made it very special.

You had one of, if not the best Ohio Heritage Title reigns in OCW history. What did holding that belt mean to you?
MT: The Ohio Heritage Title was very special to me and I took pride in being the champion. I look at as the work horse belt it's your job to go out there and put on an amazing match each time out and I like to think I did that.

If you could pick one match against anyone on the OCW roster past or present what would it be?
MT: Well I'm the type of person who likes a challenge and hates to fail and last time I faced Robby Starr I didn't get the result I wanted. I would love to do it again.

What is next for “The Darkstar”?
MT: Well like I said above, going after the OCW Heavyweight Title. I've been Tag Champ and Heritage Champ so it's the next step.

Is there anything you would like to say to the OCW fans? 
 MT: Thank every last one of you so much. You are what drives not just me but the whole OCW roster and you're what makes OCW so special.



Well the dust has settled from ASCENSION last Saturday night in our debut in Dover, OH. It was an amazing event that saw some returning talent, some new talent, and some younger talent furthering their path to OCW greatness.

With that being said, here is the second edition of OCW: Superiority.

Once again, we've collected the data, crunched the numbers, and entered all of our findings into the OCW super computer here at headquarters to compile a power ranking based on winning percentages and title history that lists the top 15 OCW competitors through our last event - ASCENSION.

Don't miss our upcoming event and the 12th Anniversary of OCW, back in Coshocton, OH on March 21st! Get your tickets now as we plan to pack out Hopewell School once again!

"True Grit" Bruce Grey, "Darkstar" Matt Taylor, Juice Jennings, and Joey Vengeance won the the reverse battle royal to qualify for the ASCENSION Ladder Match.

 "No Shame" Jimmy Shane def. "The Pinnacle" Levi Connors to become the #1 Contender to the Ohio Heritage Championship

 Sherman Tank def. "Lonestar" Louie Perez

 The Redneck Wrecking Crew def. The Rising by count out to retain the OCW Tag Team Championships

 Takahashi def. Justin Diaz to retain the Ohio Heritage Championship

 Robby Starr def. Graham Wellington to retain the OCW Championship

 Joey Vengeance retrieved the brass ring to win the ASCENSION Ladder Match and will receive a future OCW Championship opportunity

We are just a few short days before OCW drives into Dover, OH for OCW ASCENSION!

Who is going to fight off the OCW locker room, climb into the ring, fight off 3 more individuals, and finally climb that ladder and grab the brass ring; which may lead them to becoming the NEXT OCW Heavyweight Champion?

Can the Redneck Wrecking Crew withstand the brute force of The Rising and what kind of role will Jason Dragon play in securing the OCW Tag Titles for his team?

As hard as Takahashi has worked at raising his game and obtaining the Ohio Heritage Championship, can he successfully defend his OHC Title against mat veteran Justin Diaz?

All of this, plus much, much more this Saturday Night in Dover, Ohio!

Make your last minute plans now to be at the National Guard Armory for what should be another amazing night of professional wrestling action as only OCW can deliver.

Just a reminder that after OCW invades Dover for ASCENSION, please feel free to join your favorite OCW wrestlers and crew at the New Philadelphia Hog Heaven (located at 1290 West High Avenue, New Philadelphia)!

For more information on Hog Heaven, including additional locations in Dover and Canton, go to: http://www.hogheaven-bbq.com/

We have received a number of messages concerning the actual Ascension match that will take place at ASCENSION presented by JD Byrider of Dover on January 24, 2015 in Dover, OH at the National Guard Armory.

The match starts with available members of the OCW roster around ringside. When the bell rings, the competitors start battling each other, while trying to get INTO the ring. When we have four guys in the ring, that part of the match is over and those four individuals qualify for the ladder match which takes place later in the night. The remaining individuals will be paired up in additional matches at that time (unless they are already in a signed contest).

In the final stage of Ascension, the four qualifiers must outlast each other and climb a ladder to obtain the "Brass Ring". The winner has the opportunity to challenge for the OCW Championship, currently held by Robby Starr.

Here is the highlight video of ASCENSION - 2013 for just a taste of what to expect!

Happy New Year!

We are excited to kick off 2015 with a brand new feature here on OCWrestling.net with the first edition of OCW: Superiority. We've collected data, crunched numbers, and entered all of our findings into the OCW super computer here at OCW  headquarters to compile a power ranking based on winning percentages and title history that lists the top 15 OCW competitors. 

Don't miss our upcoming event, ASCENSION, in Dover, OH on January 24th!

After the show be sure to check back for the next edition of OCW: Superiority to see how the results of ASCENSION have altered the rankings.

OCW brings the first show of 2015 to Dover, OH at the National Guard Armory for the second annual ASCENSION event, presented by J.D. BYRIDER of DOVER!

ASCENSION is open to every OCW Superstar available on the roster. Level 1 starts with a reverse battle royal where everyone is on the floor and the first 4 individuals who make it up and over the top rope qualify for Level 2. Level 2 is a 4-way ladder match. The man who grabs the brass ring is declared the winner of the match is awarded an OCW Title match.

The OCW Tag Team Championships will also be on the line as The Redneck Wrecking Crew (C) will face stiff competition in The Rising led by Jason Dragon.

Also The OCW Ohio Heritage Championship will be decided as Takahashi (C) squares off against ring veteran Justin Diaz. How will Diaz, a Dover native, fare against the young, Japanese champion.

Make your plans now to join us on January 24th at the National Guard Armory for an exciting night of pro wrestling action for the whole family and then join the OCW crew at Hog Heaven - Open Flame BBQ (located at 1290 West High Avenue, New Philadelphia, OH) for the Official OCW After Party! Pro Wrestling and BBQ? Who can beat that?

Presale Tickets can be purchased at our online store here at www.ocwrestling.net, or at our ticket outlets: J.D. Byrider of Dover, Kool Rags, Big Money Pawn Shop, and Fro's Drive Thru (Strasburg)!